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Bedford Square

Bedford Square is an exciting project that will invigorate downtown Westport with new high quality retail, residential, office and restaurant uses. The project includes the complete renovation and restoration of the stately 1923 Bedford Mansion and historic Firehouse, as well as the removal and replacement of the YMCA’s 1970’s Weeks Pavilion Complex and the buildings on the adjoining Gunn property. Together, these properties make up the entire length of Church Lane, from the corner of Main Street and Post Road to the corner of Church Lane and Elm Street.

When completed, Bedford Square will comprise almost 60,000 SF of retail, restaurant, and office space. We are looking to attract a mix of high end fashion retail indicative of what is found on Main Street and Church Lane today, as well as more local retail, restaurant, and service uses which will blend nicely into smaller spaces throughout the development.


1 Mile: 5,228

3 Miles: 39,993

5 Miles: 114,449

Average Household Income

1 Mile: $226,282

3 Miles: $213,339

5 Miles: $161,691